Courage To Break Through

Keagan Johnson: Surround Yourself With Good People

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Courage to Break Through Podcast, Keagan Johnson talks about his journey to starting his own company, surrounding yourself with good people, challenges he had to overcome and so much more.

Episode Notes

In This Episode:

[00:01:51] Keagan Johnson and his new company.

[00:11:14] The decision-making process to start his company.

[00:14:48] The planning process building his company.

[00:25:31] Launching his business.

[00:29:27] His take on authenticity in business.

[00:31:26] His work-life balance.

[00:33:46] Putting together his team.

[00:40:56] Collaboration in his company.

[00:45:55] His vision and future plans for the company.

[00:50:21] His biggest fear he had to overcome in starting his own company.

[00:51:33] The most rewarding thing about starting his own company.

[00:55:07] His advice if you are on the fence about a career decision.

[01:00:16] Maximizing his time during the quarantine.


Important Quotes:

"My goal is to be the best."

"Surround yourself with good people."

"Put in the work and the work will show."